Getting deleted SMS back / Freerunner as a card reader?

Peter Mogensen apm at
Wed Dec 31 12:13:10 CET 2008


A friend of mine asked if he could get some accidentally deleted text 
messages back from his SIM card - so I started looking into how a SIM 
works and how to communicated with it.

It seems that there's no AT-commands which will give you deleted 
messages - right?
If AT+CMGR or similar will get you a deleted message, than that's of 
course the easy solution.

I can see that there's several "mobile forensic" products on the market 
which seems to be just smart card readers with the right software. I 
have a smart card reader, but I have not tested if it takes SIM cards 
(or RUIM cards ... have to find out), but I figured, that another easy 
solution was to access the card-reader directly in the FreeRunner if the 
hardware allowed for that.

So, can the SIM card in a FreeRunner be accessed like a card reader on a 
serial interface?


PS: Any other solutions are welcome, btw :)

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