How do you like to read a phone number?

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Wed Dec 31 12:18:36 CET 2008

Stroller-2 wrote:
> I was on the phone to an Indian call centre a while back and was very  
> frustrated by the way the speaker read my number back to me - "they  
> can't even speak English phone numbers correctly!" I fumed, but on  
> reflection I realised that many native English speakers read their  
> numbers differently to the way I do, too. It can make it quite  
> difficult to recognise the same number, if it is presented differently.
> Stroller.

Not only that, but it depends on the number. My mobile number has a lot of
repetition so I tend to say "Oh triple seven, double X, Y, double Z, A,B"

Sometimes people don't get that, so I fall back to "Oh triple 7 X, XYZ,
ZAB". However if someone reads my number back to me like that it takes more
effort to parse than the first format. Maybe I'm just weird.

And another thing, I may have exited my 20s this year but I'm not *that*

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