Performance Issues using Neo wifi and WPA2

Neil Jerram neiljerram at
Wed Dec 31 21:51:39 CET 2008

2008/12/30 john dowd <jdowdster at>:
> The Neo registers (using linphone) with the PBX and I can see the
> registration happening but then there is a "REQUEST NOTIFY" coming
> from the PBX to linphone. Linphone responds with a "481: Subscription
> does not exist". I've attached this interaction in the tcpdump
> formatted file and I'm hoping someone would look at it. What I think
> is happening is that the PBX is actually informing linphone that there
> are some voicemail messages waiting but linphone does not support this
> feature and does not know what to do with this part of the protocol.

I haven't looked at the tcpdump, however...  This 481 response
suggests that linphone's default behaviour is only to accept NOTIFY
requests that conform to RFC 3265, i.e. which refer to a previously
established subscription.  SIP voicemail message notifications, on the
other hand, are often done with a pre-RFC-3265 form of NOTIFY, where
there is no prior subscription.  This kind of NOTIFY can be known as
"unsolicited", "out of dialog" or "out of subscription", and the
voicemail context is usually called "MWI", for "messages waiting

So, suggest you google and/or check linphone's man page / docs for
support for some of those terms, and a way to switch that support on.


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