Pulster offer - Freerunner 299 eur

Neil Jerram neiljerram at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 31 23:53:33 CET 2008

2008/12/29 Gothnet <openmoko at nastylittlehorse.net>:
> I don't want to get into a pissing contest here, but the truebox price
> includes VAT, I bought mine from them at that price back in the summer.
> Unless somehow I managed to avoid paying VAT.... or just forgot to look at
> the actual price... weird.
> OK, having looked at their website it seems I'm just ignorant.

Well I don't blame you.  When I bought mine last year, I'm pretty sure
that the price was £227 + VAT = £272.  (And for a while that 2/7
swapping confused me a lot!)

So as Anthony has said, it's the plummeting pound.


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