Moko Bluetooth

Ilkka Urtamo ilkka at
Fri Feb 1 00:31:32 CET 2008


I got my neo last week (and very happy with it btw). I have it up and
running nicely and I am now thinking where to contribute.

Wiki is saying that there are plans for BT in neo but does not specify
any details on that.

I would be interested in working on BT and I am now wondering if there
are someone already working on that?
If not, then I would like to have some guidance as to how as overall
process the BT things should play out.
I am not and expert on any particular area but I think I have enough
to learn and use the libs (eg. D-Bus, Bluez) properly.

These issues are like:
Should there be a daemon that controls enabling/disabling BT, pairing,
storing PINs and device IDs,
reconnects devices that has being paired and becomes available, etc.
Or should this be handled only and directly with bluez?
This daemon could also control proper settings associated with the
connected device (bt headset, UConnect, bt keyboard,

Along with the daemon should be small gui app for entering pin and
associated popups?

GUI app to issue search, list results, add/remove devices, and other
BT related configuration?

Any 2cents?

Ilkka Urtamo

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