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Fri Feb 1 12:03:35 CET 2008

Hello Schmidt,

For me it is not a problem to use Java in stead of Mono, I use to develop in
Java but my curiosity for Mono is only to learn it, just that.

About what I want to develop I am not sure at all, may be I should start
joining an existent project at least to learn how to develop for this
device. Actually I am usign the emulator because I don´t have a neo either.


2008/2/1, Schmidt András <asch at>:
> Hi Juan,
> From technology side Java and C# is so similar that they should do the
> same performance. It is only Microsoft who is hyping that C# performs
> better. The only difference I know and has performance effect is the
> presence of structures in C# but not many programs would make an
> advantage of that.
> The performance of a specific implementation is a different question...
> I have no clue how Cacao compares to Mono. It would worth measuring...
> I have some experience with both languages as I am developing a map
> viewer application ( that has a
> Mono and a Java version as well. The software is intended to work on
> OpenMoko.
> Both Mono and Java are available for OpenMoko. These are my own
> experiences:
> Mono:
> I have no phone yet, but David Roetzel has tried to run the yama
> application on the phone and it worked. In the mail there is a link to
> the original post, where Cliff Brake announces that the mono framework
> is ported for OpenMoko:
> Java:
> The Jalimo ( project
> addresses porting Java SE to the phone. The JVM is Cacao and the
> classpath is the GNU classpath (Sebastian Mancke has written some
> guidelines for Java development on OpenMoko:
> Cacao is compatible with Java 6 binaries and the GNU classpath is aiming
> the Java5 classpath. There are some details missing yet but it is
> possible to get a general purpose application that works with them.
> Latest versions of Yama works with GNU classpath but it was not tested
> on a GTA01 phone yet.
> So both Mono and Java is available on the phone. What I wanted to
> suggest is to consider using Java in case you know both technologies.
> I am so curious, may I ask you what are you planning to develop for the
> OpenMoko platform?
> Hope I could help you
> Schmidt András
> Juan Luis Prieto Martinez wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I am very interesting in developing something for openmoko in mono,
> > but I think that is not very popular at the moment, at least there
> > aren´t so many comments about this theme in the list or the wiki. I
> > would like to know if some of you have tried to develop anything using
> > Mono. And if you need any special plugin or framework to do that.
> >
> > At least from my point of view the use of C# could be as interesting
> > as the use of C or C++ and tools should be faster than python or java.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Best Regards.
> >
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