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Sat Feb 2 11:39:06 CET 2008

TCP RST'ing idle sessions is not part of NAT as a protocol (RFC 2766).
Anyway, it is not problem to solve, it was more the point that "in the
wild" you will encounter different situations from an emulated
environment (depending on your app).


On 02/02/2008, joerg <joerg.twinklephone at> wrote:
> Am Fr  1. Februar 2008 schrieb john:
> > You mileage will vary depending on the type of app.
> >
> > I do most of my testing on the desktop but lately I have been testing
> > with a GPRS connection on my Neo. I had no idea Vodafone would reset
> > my TCP connections when I idle for example!
> Some of the GSM providers do NAT for internet. So it's clear stalled sessions
> are deleted.
> j
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