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Joachim Steiger roh at
Sun Feb 3 10:29:31 CET 2008

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano wrote:
> JW ha scritto:
>> Hi Openmoko community
>> The wiki needs to present clear information.
>> There is one area where it is pretty bad at the moment and that is in
>> all the
>> confusing references to neo's and GTA01s and GTA02s.
>> It seems to me there is now a clear structure
>> 1) Neo1973 has internal codename (GTA01xxx)
>> 2) Freerunner has internal codename (GTA02xxx)
> [snip]
> Hey, i think that you are a bit confused, asi've understood the names are:
> Neo 1973     -> the phone, gta01 or gta02, is always the neo 1973
> gta01xxx      -> first version of the phone for devs
> gta02xxx      -> second version of the phone that has to be released
> soon (oh we are waiting for it... :D)
> FreeRunner  -> another name to refer to the gta02xxx just to have a
> friendly name instead of GTA02
> Is it right?


also all the drivers got fixed just recently to reflect that original
naming scheme.

Neo1973 is a class of devices, not only one specific model.
gta01 and gta02 are models.
FreeRunner a synonym for gta02 release version

kind regards


Joachim Steiger
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