Basic questions about openmoko

Audrius Meskauskas audriusa at
Sun Feb 3 18:49:58 CET 2008

ian chu wrote:
> Hello~
> I have two simple questions about Openmoko develop.
> Is it correct to transfer our projects ( like GPS ) from PC to
> Openmoko by dfu ? and how? scp?
If all you want is to download and install the file from the project 
repository, the cool solution may be to type wget on OpenMoko console:


and it downloads file directly into the phone. Of course, it is easier 
to do this in the remote ssh console, not directly on the phone. Surely 
the naming service must be set up on the phone or (dirty approach) edit 
/etc/hosts .

To upload my own ipk's, I use scp without problems:

scp gpv_0.1_armv4t.ipk root at

This should work if the ssh works.


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