New wiki page - Problems of typical "closed" phones

Andy Powell openmoko at
Sun Feb 3 21:24:25 CET 2008

On Sunday 03 February 2008 19:55, JW wrote:
> Hi Openmoko community
> I created a new page to list the problems of typical "closed" phones with
> the intention of informing potential Openmoko phone buyers.
> Please add your examples to the 4 I included as a starting point.
> Feedback welcome! :-)
> JW

Well, first of all unlocking phones is NOT illegal - I have no idea where you 
got that from.

Quite a few of the 'problems' you have pointed out are carrier issues not 
handset issues, ie it wont matter if you have a GTA01/02 or not. eg the use 
of voip software...


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