support for using yyyy-mm-dd (2008-01-31) date format in Wiki and elsewhere

richard5 at richard5 at
Mon Feb 4 22:22:32 CET 2008

No excuse other than they're not use to the way it's formatted.  People in the
US can get confused about 2008-06-07 because we don't use that here.  Writing
out January 1, 2008 is just basic plain lanuage that no one in the world can
possibly get confused about.

P.S.  This is, hands down, the dumbest thing in the world to argue about haha.

Quoting Joe Pfeiffer <joseph at>:

> richard5 at writes:
>> How about insted of worrying about the way it's encoded we just write
>> it January
>> 1, 2008.  I think that's pretty much standard.
> In the US, it's standard.  Pretty much any other place in the world,
> it's non-standard.
> The ISO representation is standard (by definition), people really have
> no excuse to get confused by it, and sorting on ISO-format dates "just
> works".
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