support for using yyyy-mm-dd (2008-01-31) date format in Wiki and elsewhere

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at
Tue Feb 5 08:59:34 CET 2008

On Tue, 05 Feb 2008 01:27:31 +0100, Jeremiah Flerchinger  
<jeremiah.flerchinger at> wrote:

> I myself am used to using dates like 04 Feb 2008.  How about just  
> inverting this order so it matches what you want, but the abbreviation  
> of the month is used?  Then nobody would get confused on what is the day  
> & what is the month.

they would if they're not used to the English abreviations for the  
I say we use Unix timestamp, then everyone can write their own parser to  
format it like they prefer. ;o)

Seriously though, using 2008-feb-01 has the disadvantage of one not being  
able to sort by month, where 2008-02-01 sorting and adding/subtracting  
months is easier.


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