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Wed Feb 6 16:09:13 CET 2008

I agree that the GTA02 case specs would/will be nice, without wifi the GTA01 is less usefull but some of the implications are usefull; building a BT gamepad/KB into the case turning the device into a ROM player is a good suggestion, as stated on the wiki. I will be looking into the cost of having a few different designs made. 

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On Wed, 06 Feb 2008 07:59:01 -0500, "Christopher Earl" <earlc8451 at> wrote:
> Today I noticed a change that OM has released their CAD files for the case
> of the GTA01, This opens a major door to Case modding. I guess im used to
> closed hardware and tight-liped companies, but i was supprised. I will
> never again own a closed phone.

It has already been discussed with Mickael on this list.

The new part of this, is the communication around. According to Michael, gta02 case is not yet published, therefore I guess there is some differences, but the question is : what is the usefulness with this publication if there is difference between gta01 case and gta02 case ? I mean, the wanted case for someone who want to make alternatives cases would be the gta02 one.

Anyway, this publication, which in and of itslef is a great news for consumers,  is a good way for, showing again to the whole market an alternative way of business.

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