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dda dda at
Wed Feb 6 17:28:35 CET 2008

I'll have a look, thanks for that. Including Korean into an xml file
won't be easy as the Korean script is a little more complex to
implement than the Latin one. Let's take Sébastien's example:
"tpqktmxldkd" to get "세바스티앙".

When you type "tp" ypu get 세 but when you add q [tpq] you get 셉, not
세ㅂ. Only if and when you type k [tpqk] does the letter ㅂ goes away
from 셉 to form a syllable with k/ㅏ. Basycally you have the following:
t --> ㅅ
tp -> 세
tpq -> 셉
tpqk -> 세바
tpqkt -> 세밧
And it can get trickier.

Also, although a qwerty kbd might be a start [as the Korean keyboard
is overlaid on top of qwerty anyway], I was also thinking of a smaller
keyboard, àla mobile phone kbd -- some of the keyboards available on
Korean phones are quite astute, and require fewer keys.

Anyway, I'll have a look and see what can be done.



On Feb 6, 2008 11:27 PM, Jeremiah Flerchinger
<jeremiah.flerchinger at> wrote:
> I've done a little work on a soft qwerty keyboard written with GTK.  It
> is reconfigurable, by use of an xml config file, and I was playing with
> support for UTF-8.  I haven't had time in the last couple weeks to work
> on it because of my work & school schedule.
> A slightly out of date version is available in a tar.gz
> Feel free to look at it, create a Korean xml config file, and add to the
> source.  I have slightly newer code on my computer that I need to post.
> I also have to get everything into the CVS after Alessandro lurlano told
> me how to correct an authentication issue.
> Jeremiah Flerchinger
> dda wrote:
> > I just received my Neo1973, and since I require Korean input, I'd like
> > to do it myself... I'd like to do something similar to the soft qwerty
> > keyboard -- except that I'd use Korean letters instead of Latin ones.
> > I've poked around the wiki, but I haven't found any good pointers on
> > creating and adding input methods.
> >
> > Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
> >
> >

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