I dont know why I was surprised

Michael Shiloh michael at openmoko.org
Wed Feb 6 21:55:32 CET 2008

Dear Christopher and the rest of the community.

Thanks for your appreciation. Those of you who have been on this list 
for a long time will remember that this came up a number of times. It 
was only recently that we were finally able to come to some kind of a 
conclusion and release the CAD files.

While we are committed to applying open source principles to as much of 
our process and information as possible, deciding what should be made 
public and what needs to be kept within the company is an ongoing 
experiment. We are in uncharted territory here and we're not sure where 
each step leads.

Since you all are part of this experiment, we are extremely interested 
in knowing what you will do with these files. Alternative appearances? 
Different colors, textures, shapes? Customizing to particular 
applications? Expansion? Designing the hardware into other items?

Help us understand the outcome of this experiment by continuing to 
provide us with feedback. I read all of your comments, and I do bring 
them back to the company.


Christopher Earl wrote:
> www.openmoko.com
> Today I noticed a change that OM has released their CAD files for the case of the GTA01, This opens a major door to Case modding. I guess im used to closed hardware and tight-liped companies, but i was supprised. I will never again own a closed phone.
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