OpenMoko at Southern California Linux Expo: Come visit, or better, volunteer to help us at our booth for free admittance

Michael Shiloh michael at
Wed Feb 6 22:16:23 CET 2008


Sorry for the late notice:

OpenMoko will have a booth at the Southern California Linux Expo, taking 
place this weekend in LA:

Please come and introduce yourselves; I always like to meet our 
community and put faces to the email.

I would especially appreciate your help at our booth. Since only one of 
us is coming (me), even watching the booth for 10 minutes to give me a 
chance to grab something to eat would be much appreciated. If you 
respond today you will receive a pass to the show.

We won't have anything to give away at this event, but I hope to get 
T-shirts and/or stickers soon, and your help at the our booth will be 
appropriately recognized.

If you can help out please reply to me today so that I can get you a 
free pass. Email me directly: michael at

We will also have a Birds of a Feather session, which will be an 
especially good opportunity to meet other OpenMoko-ers, to ask 
questions, and to exchange ideas. I'll bring some of the prototypes of 
GTA02 with me.

Our BoF session is scheduled for Sunday evening at 6 pm.

I look forward to seeing you.


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