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JW jameswillmer at
Wed Feb 6 23:18:30 CET 2008

Hi OpenMoko Community,

I was thinking about the target market for Neo FreeRunner - the non-geek
smartphone user.   There is very little to tempt them in the current wiki and
indeed the main page dedicated to them is 

* hidden halfway down the main page
* refers to them as "basic end users" 
Both of these need changed but I haven't done this yet as I didn't want to mess
with the main page structure.

However I did create a new page to provide an advert for all the great software
that is being ported or developed for the OpenMoko platform right now.     I
have filled in two example apps I personally heard about (hope the devs feel ok
to be featured!).      Please have a look and as usual change what you want done
better :-)

The Basic_End-user page

The new OpenMoko Community Applications Page


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