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Shawn Rutledge shawn.t.rutledge at
Thu Feb 7 00:48:57 CET 2008

On Feb 6, 2008 3:18 PM, JW <jameswillmer at> wrote:
> The new OpenMoko Community Applications Page

That looks maintenance-intensive, and pretty soon would tend to be
long and unwieldy (too many packages); consequently it will tend not
be very trustworthy, because who's going to keep it updated?  All
manually?  What's wrong with browsing ?

I was thinking something more like would be nice -
an index of every package that ipkg can download, with as much
descriptive stuff as can be assembled from existing sources.  The mere
existence of the package on a known ipkg source site (or the bitbake
recipe in the dev tree) should be enough to cause this "package
metadata" site to be up-to-date automatically, without having to
register on plus set up the bitbake recipes plus
edit this new wiki page too... oh and if you run on other distros
besides OpenMoko, maybe better register the project at Freshmeat and
Sourceforge too.  I usually just ssh to the phone and do

ipkg list | grep likely-name-fragment

to see if something is available, because that way I can also find
libraries and such, which would not appear on
Is there already a more complete index like that on the web?

And BTW this method would not work for finding TangoGPS, because the
ipkg is on its own separate site.  (Why?  it must mean it's too hard
to get a new ipkg into the regular repository, right?)  And it's not
on either.  This kind of fragmentation must mean
the process is too cumbersome, and we need a master index which
aggregates everything automatically so end-users have just one place
to look.

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