Interview with Michael Shiloh about OpenMoko

Bogdan Bivolaru bogdan.bivolaru at
Thu Feb 7 08:49:53 CET 2008

Hello, Michael

I read the interview and I really liked it. Also I appreciate putting a 
picture of yourself in that interview, since I will find it hard to 
reach to SCALE (I live in Europe).

To feedback: most annoying is the lack of any formating of the text of 
the interview, as in bolding keywords , which makes it hard to read. 
Perhaps this is because of the blogging software they use, restricts 
HTML formatting? Anyway none of your doing.

The questions (especially the first ones) are very well suited and 
answered and after reading the interview I get a pretty good idea of 
whom am I talking to.

    Michael: I’m the advocate for the community within the company, and
    the advocate for the company within the community. It’s a bit hard
    to describe, but I try to make sure information, questions, and
    issues flow as freely as possible between the two.

It is very interesting to know how free software, as a product, and open 
source as a development process change, and in your case add totally new 
positions inside a company.

So, good luck with the show and keep it up!


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