Input Method Development

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Thu Feb 7 11:21:16 CET 2008

Am Do  7. Februar 2008 schrieb dda:
> I agree that a system of plugins/callbacks could do fine, if it can
> handle "resetting" output: eg typing gks <bkspc> f would output
> successively:
> ㅎ -> 하 -> 한 -> 하 -> 할 [Unicode 0x1112, 0xd558, 0xd55c, 0xd558,
> 0xd560]. Being able to "backtrack" is quite necessary in this case.

The exact behaviour of <BS>, <DEL>, and cursor keys is yet to be defined to 
make this a complete spec. What happens when i press <BS> e.g. 8 times? What, 
when i press <LEFT> <DEL> <END> <BS>?
Obviously <BS> should edit last sylable, but can you edit completed sylables 
(needs back-"translation" unicode->keystrokes!), and how does cursor movement 
affect closing sylables?

just my 2 cents

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