Input Method Development

Sébastien Lorquet squalyl at
Thu Feb 7 11:42:07 CET 2008

for what I recall, backspace starts by removing *letters* from the last
syllable, then entire syllabes.
Moreover, hitting a directional key like <LEFT> <RIGHT> or any key that
changes the caret position terminates composition of the current syllabe.

In fact, when you type, the currently composed syllabe appears in blinking
inverted video, and a <SPACE> or the end of possible composition (ie, no
more letters can be combined into a valid syllabe) terminates the sequence.
At this point, the real syllabe is displayed normally as a unicode character
and composition starts again. I noticed that in some editors where this
blinking character cannot appear (e.g. in a cmd.exe console), the current
combination is displayed in the corner of the current window in a small

Writing a complete spec is a good idea ;)

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