Input Method Development

Jeremiah Flerchinger jeremiah.flerchinger at
Thu Feb 7 16:15:18 CET 2008

I did a quick search & found an input method application already exists 
called uim ( that 
supports a bunch of languages.  It appears to be customizable in 
behavior & can be used with multiple window systems.  It looks like it 
could work with any soft keyboard layout or application a user decides 
to use.

I suggest that anyone interested in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or other 
special input methods look at installing uim and trying it out with a 
soft keyboard of their choice.  "gtKeypad" should be able to be modified 
easily to provide the character overlays common on the keyboards of 
these regions.  By combining customizations of uim & the soft keyboard, 
you should be able to get any behavior you want.

Sébastien Lorquet wrote:
> I'm also concerned with copyright. Is there any patent problem with this input method as with T9 (for mobiles) ?
I'm pretty sure there are copyright issues with T9 that were discussed 
when "Finger Keyboard" was proposed and just starting to be developed.

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