Patents and OpenMoko

Esra Kummer esra at
Thu Feb 7 23:24:23 CET 2008

>This sounds like a great idea.  I think what you mean is that if a
>competitor sues OpenMoko for allegedly infringing its patent, then
>OpenMoko can counter-sue saying "BTW you are infringing this one of
>ours too" and then it gets settled out-of-court by cross-licensing,

Well I am not too sure about that...

I would guess and prefer that the patent is used to ensure that no one else patents this and sues fic/openmoko. Otherwise it would not be a really free thing.. Am I right? 

So what is this defence tactic now Sean? Or do you have to figure out that as well? Hope you find a solution which is good in the FOSS sense like you often do! Just to say it ones more: you do a great job at FIC/OM!

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