A bit of fun - freerunner and the wisdom of crowds

JW jameswillmer at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 01:57:21 CET 2008

Hi Openmoko community

Ask everyone at a country fair to guess the weight of an ox and the average will
be closer to the actual value than even the experts..... this is one example of
the wisdom of crowds :-) 

So now I think we should apply this to helping team OpenMoko to decide how many
FreeRunner's they should manufacture in their first run *based on how many
people they think will buy a Freerunner in the first two months from launch*.

Rather than have a ridiculous number of answers in this thread we need someone
in the OpenMoko community to whip up a little webpage script which allows you to 

* enter your nick
* click yes/no if you will buy yourself
* enter your guess for no. sold in first two months
* press button to see results (min/max/ave/no.of votes/no.of intended purchasers)

Anyone offering to make the webpage?


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