GTA02 Battery Capacity (Was: Re: More about the GTA02)

Michael Shiloh michael at
Fri Feb 8 17:52:49 CET 2008

Hi Tim and others,

There are a number of issues here, and I promised I'd look into this. It 
turned out to be complicated, and I don't have the full answer yet.

There were a number of known software issues in GTA01 which caused the 
battery to drain more rapidly than intended. Some of these have been 
solved, and work continues on the rest.

We are testing power consumption on GTA02 extensively right now to make 
sure there are no unknown hardware issues affecting power consumption.

I expect that battery life will be longer in GTA02 than GTA01, but we 
don't have the definitive numbers yet.

If anyone is curious, much of the discussion on this topic is taking 
place on the kernel mailing list.

I will continue to research this and will report my findings as I learn 


Tim Shannon wrote:
> Have we seen any concrete results on what the battery life will be like 
> in the GTA02 yet?  I suppose we won't get that until it's actually in 
> the hands of developers.
> On Feb 8, 2008 6:23 AM, Nick Guenther <kousue at 
> <mailto:kousue at>> wrote:
>     On Feb 8, 2008 4:04 AM, Michael Shiloh <michael at
>     <mailto:michael at>> wrote:
>      > Hello,
>      >
>      > I've researched this a little, and this is what I've learned:
>      >
>      > 1. We are still looking at a number of different batteries, so
>     there is
>      > no "final" capacity or feature set determined yet.
>      >
>      > 2. The capacity will most likely be around 1200mA.
>      >
>      > If you find any place on the wiki that says something other than
>     1200mA,
>      > can you please make the correction? You may reference this email.
>     Oh. That's... really disappointing. The battery life is already
>     unusable, and the faster processor and wifi will just make this even
>     worse.
>     -Nick
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