Mono audio output on GTA02?

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Fri Feb 8 23:19:36 CET 2008

Am Fr  8. Februar 2008 schrieb Ben Burdette:
> I was looking at the GTA02 hardware spec on the wiki, and its looking 
> (to me) like mono only output.  According to this:
> The neo1973 has a stereo LM4857 amplifier, which drives the stereo 
> speakers, mono earpiece, and (presumably stereo) headphones.  However, 
> on the freerunner it appears that it has been changed to the LM4853 
> instead, a mono amplifier.  That implies that the headphone output is 
> now mono and not stereo.  Unless I'm missing something? 

AFAIK, the stereo headphones are driven by the Wolfson codec chip, so no 
change here. The amp is for the speaker(s) only, and GTA02 has only one of 
them (mono). That's fine, for one good speaker will yield a better sound than 
2 small ones.


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