solar power

Christopher Earl earlc8451 at
Sun Feb 10 04:19:10 CET 2008

Solar panels are a great idea, but you must have room for a power flow control chip, dont want to explode the battery, Removing the battery is not a viable option, Changing the battery with a capacitor *might* work, but i would not rely on it, Im down for a solar panel covered back. Im not too conceder about power consumption right now as I cant actually use my Neo at home.    

>>> Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> 02/09/08 10:01 PM >>>
Andy (or anyone else),
if the whole back of the Neo would be a solar panel, and you would put  
it back side up into direct sunlight, say for 5 hours, how much could  
that charge the battery?
Could you operate the phone without a battery (and without USB) power  
if you were standing in sunlight?
Just curious, thanks for any answers,

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