solar power addition(Did not answer the questions)

Christopher Earl earlc8451 at
Sun Feb 10 04:30:58 CET 2008

A 0.8x1.6" cell delivers 0.3 amps @0.55 VDC if you do the math, ~10 would be needed for the right voltage. Obviously some control is needed. IF this was made the remaining voltage could be used to power the device while not consuming much power from the battery. This could add a significant amount of life to the battery, IF this was manufactured I would buy one. It could be user installable by shimming the battery(SpeedEvil's idea)   

    * Efficient, 0.8x1.6" (2.4cm) cell
    * Delivers about 0.3-amps at 0.55VDC in full sunlight

>>> Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> 02/09/08 10:01 PM >>>
Andy (or anyone else),
if the whole back of the Neo would be a solar panel, and you would put  
it back side up into direct sunlight, say for 5 hours, how much could  
that charge the battery?
Could you operate the phone without a battery (and without USB) power  
if you were standing in sunlight?
Just curious, thanks for any answers,

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