solar power

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Sun Feb 10 04:36:59 CET 2008

Am So  10. Februar 2008 schrieb Wolfgang Spraul:
> Andy (or anyone else),
> if the whole back of the Neo would be a solar panel, and you would put  
> it back side up into direct sunlight, say for 5 hours, how much could  
> that charge the battery?
> Could you operate the phone without a battery (and without USB) power  
> if you were standing in sunlight?
> Just curious, thanks for any answers,
> Wolfgang

arbitrary chosen polycrystal
solar cell 100mm x 100mm: 0.47V, max current (short circuit) 2,6A
(, #112135-99)

This is < 1W / 10*10cm, probably << for efficiency (you won't get 2,6A at 

matches the supposed 1000W/squaremeter of ingress solar power which is a rule 
of thumb of meteorologists.

Another module:
70 x 30mm, 3.6V, 27mA nominal current (, 110330-99)


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