Schematics, circuit diagrams

joerg joerg.twinklephone at
Sun Feb 10 16:59:56 CET 2008

Sounds good, however there's been (will be ;) more expense than just one 
destroyed GTA01. I estimate the break-even point at 3 to 5 devices equivalent 
value, work not included. Donnation of (broken) devices might relax this 
figure a little.

Am So  10. Februar 2008 schrieb Ortwin Regel:
> How about a different deal: We collect donations to get you a new
> phone and you make your findings public under a free license?
> On 2/10/08, joerg <joerg.twinklephone at> wrote:
> > Hi hardware-hackers!
> > Anybody interested in my story?
> > "How i completely disassembled my GTA01, put everything on a
> > needlebed-tester,
> > and checked the parts"
> > "(including reconstructed schematics)"

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