brainstorming/organisation software

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Mon Feb 11 02:42:31 CET 2008

i'm looking for some software to eventually go on my neo, but i've no
idea what it would be called

i often come up with ideas/problems/thoughts that i want to record,
and i've been typing them into my current phone as simple notes up to
now, but that isn't really satisfactory - they are all isolated from
each other, despite often having common themes

what i really want is something that will take my notes and at the
very least be able to index them, so common words can be searched for
and the results grouped together. if possible, it would have some
artificial intelligence to learn about what i'm typing, and then make
connections between notes that aren't obviously similar. i think this
is semantic indexing?

of course, all this should be syncable with my desktop, so i can
further work on them with a proper keyboard/back them up

so, can anyone see what i'm trying to describe? is there a name for
this type of software? are there any good examples out there? is
anyone here developing one for om?

zulupad would be one option, but it's win only, and not really that intelligent.


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