Bike power (Re: solar power)

Denis shulyaka at
Mon Feb 11 02:42:47 CET 2008

I have a sort of it on my bike. My dynamo gives 6W @ 12V, which is
exactly 500mA that Neo needs for fast charging. I use a standard car
charger and a four transistors-converter to direct current with it. I
don't have a Neo yet, but my phone does charge.

The problem is you hardly would ride more than an hour per day, and
the dynamo is heated a lot, I don't think it's good for the trunk.

2008/2/11, Schmidt András <asch at>:
> Today we were talking about new generation of portable personal
> computers (yes, that is OpenMoko :-) with friends. Our idea was to use
> it as cyclocomputer (That idea has already appeared on the wiki or in
> the list somewhere). We were wondering whether it would be possible to
> charge the phone using a dynamo (
> The dynamo uses the energy of the woman/man who rides the bike. It would
> be very useful on long nomad bike tours where we don't have any other
> power source. We did not compare the output of a dynamo to the charging
> current of a cell-phone yet, it is just an idea.
> <fun>
> I have another futuristic idea :-). It has no name yet... It is a
> chemical power generator that generates DC using ATP from blood (the
> power source of the muscles). Installing this device in our body would
> equip us with some plugs that could be used directly for powering these
> devices. It is two in one: prevents you from the problem of discharged
> accumulators and also prevents you from getting overweighted :-).
> </fun>
> Happy hacking!
> Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> > Andy (or anyone else),
> > if the whole back of the Neo would be a solar panel, and you would put
> > it back side up into direct sunlight, say for 5 hours, how much could
> > that charge the battery?
> > Could you operate the phone without a battery (and without USB) power
> > if you were standing in sunlight?
> > Just curious, thanks for any answers,
> > Wolfgang
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