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Charles Edward Pax pax at
Mon Feb 11 07:41:26 CET 2008

> > i'm looking for some software to eventually go on my neo, but i've
> > no
> > idea what it would be called
> > 
> > i often come up with ideas/problems/thoughts that i want to record,
> > and i've been typing them into my current phone as simple notes up to
> > now, but that isn't really satisfactory - they are all isolated from
> > each other, despite often having common themes
> > 
> > what i really want is something that will take my notes and at the
> > very least be able to index them, so common words can be searched for
> > and the results grouped together. if possible, it would have some
> > artificial intelligence to learn about what i'm typing, and then make
> > connections between notes that aren't obviously similar. i think this
> > is semantic indexing?
> > 

Sounds like you're looking for Tomboy Notes. It's a wiki-style note
application. It will run on your desktop, but I don't know if Tomboy is
running on the Neo yet.

> > of course, all this should be syncable with my desktop, so i can
> > further work on them with a proper keyboard/back them up
> > 

You can use Conduit ( )to sync your
Tomboy notes with different computers and services.  However, I don't
know if there is syncing capability through Conduit yet.

-Charles Edward Pax

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