Bike power (Re: solar power)

Marcel tanuva at
Mon Feb 11 09:27:59 CET 2008

Am Montag 11 Februar 2008 01:04:34 schrieb Schmidt András:
> <fun>
> I have another futuristic idea :-). It has no name yet... It is a
> chemical power generator that generates DC using ATP from blood (the
> power source of the muscles). Installing this device in our body would
> equip us with some plugs that could be used directly for powering these
> devices. It is two in one: prevents you from the problem of discharged
> accumulators and also prevents you from getting overweighted :-).
> </fun>
> Happy hacking!

But you would really have to keep an eye on the overall ATP level, if it goes 
too low, there might something terrible happen... What does a body behave 
like on really low energy (ATP) levels?


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