Access Linux Platform SDK released

David "Lefty" Schlesinger lefty at
Tue Feb 12 11:14:30 CET 2008

Sébastien Lorquet wrote:
> This one is based on GTK
> What do you think of this?
Personally, I'm very pleased.
> I'm worried about interoperability. There are a number of different
> Linux platforms now, but nothing guarantees applications will be
> easily portable across them. So I feel everyone is reinventing the
> wheel for every application! Is this really the case?
Actually, if you like, plain old vanilla GTK applications will run just
fine on ALP devices, modulo screen size versus form layout. We've been
extremely careful to only invent wheels where there didn't happen to be
any, and we've released some of those as open source over at We've got improved widgets and such to work better
where screen real estate is limited, but it's all pretty standard "GNOME
technologies" stuff.

So, if it /is /the case, it's not particularly on account of us.

David "Lefty" Schlesinger
Director, Open Source Technologies
ACCESS Co., Ltd.

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