Interview with Raider Realm

Christopher Earl earlc8451 at
Tue Feb 12 20:25:36 CET 2008

I read the Raiders Realm interview with Michael Shiloh Here is the excerpt I will am talking about

"RR: So is all of the hardware you have for this FCC certified and ready to use on different networks?

MS: Yup.  Absolutely.  Now it is a GSM based phone, both models, which means they both use a sim card and the GSM network which is pretty common here in the states, but much more common in the rest of the world.  But there are some areas in the states that don't have coverage for that.  But that's pretty small.  In fact, I think it's virtually negligible."

My question is of the 'Negligibility' of this issue. I do not know . nor do I claim to know, the number of GTA01s sold in the united states, and the ratio of those phones which found homes in GSM 850 areas. I would like to request a confirmation that this issue is being seriously addressed. I have sent three separate emails this month and not one person can tell me if I will EVER be able to send my GTA01 in for repair. I will cover the cost of shipping. Unfortunately I was one of the sorry bastards to get my device before this was a known issue. Im not asking for anything for free, nor do I wish to cause anyone a hassle. I only wish that the apparent few of us whom live in a GSM 850 Dominate state can get their devices repaired, at our shipping cost. If the answer is " I dont know","maybe in a few months" or somthing like that, fine. I just want to know IF I can count on OpenMoko/FIC to rectify this issue now or in the future.  


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