bluetooth networking

Phani Kumar Kancharala kancharlaphanikumar at
Wed Feb 13 14:00:45 CET 2008

I am trying to enable the bluetooth networking on my Neo phone.
The phone is running kernel with rootfs provided by Qtopia.
I could able enable the bluetooth and scan for devices using "hcitool scan"
I could connect to a bluetooth server using "pand -c bluetoothADDR"
But, the command "ip link show" doesn't show the bnep0 interface.
So, it fails with following error when I try to assign Ip

ip: Cannot find device "bnep0"
BusyBox v1.2.1 (2007.08.24-09:48+0000) multi-call binary
Usage: ip [ OPTIONS ] { address | link | route | tunnel } { COMMAND | help }

can anybody help in this regard....
Thanks in advance.
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