List of Linux Cell Phones

Al Johnson openmoko at
Wed Feb 13 22:48:41 CET 2008

On Wednesday 13 February 2008, joerg wrote:
> Am Mi  13. Februar 2008 schrieb Stephan Maka:
> > Schmidt András wrote:
> > > So it is a list of GSM phones which are capable of running linux?
> >
> > No. This list just indicates that there are HOWTOs available for
> > connecting the phones to your Linux box.
> I understood this site dealing with "Linux on my phone",
> not "my phone on linux" (= kitchensync?)?
> Either me or OP have to be wrong somehow.
> ;-)
> j

Looks like 'connecting your phone to linux' where some phones happen also to 
run linux.

The list shows the k700i with both Gentoo and Debian, but the phone uses 
Symbian as standard. I'm not aware of any projects to run linux on that 
hardware, but it's certainly accessible via Bluetooth from Gentoo.

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