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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Am Do  14. Februar 2008 schrieb Schmidt András:
>> I have re-read the wish list and community applications list and could 
>> not find a feature that I use on my current phone day to day. That is 
>> alarm clock. Or is it part of the calendar?
>> Do you have any pointers to OpenMoko's alarm clock application? Or is it 
>> missing yet? It would be a nice hobby project :-)
> Without RTC (see my post on battery life), it's a nightmare. And this makes me 
> even more suspicious about whether NEO got a RTC or not.
> You just don't want to hold CPU in powered up state all the time, to run your 
> timer for the alarm clock. On scheduled time battery is empty :-(

Hi -

A good healthy suspicion!  But the Power Management Unit has an RTC that
is capable to wake the CPU, it should be fine.  Software end isn't done
AFAIK but its okay.  (Maybe we don't need alarm for it anyway because
the GSM unit should wake us when it wants us to do something, I don't
know anything about that end I'm afraid.)

On the battery life, because we didn't get the GSM unit to suspend yet
and be able to wake us (Matt works on it), the only consumption figures
we can talk about right now is no-GSM suspend, right now it looks like
we can manage ~ 20 days like that (but it is an estimate based on
measurements, not verified).

- -Andy
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