topic for next community update [was Community Update Wed Feb 13 2008]

JW jameswillmer at
Thu Feb 14 21:10:27 CET 2008

Michael Shiloh <michael at ...> writes:

Hi Michael

Thanks for the update - here are some questions for the next one in a couple of
weeks .... all just to keep the community amused til the _great day_ arrives....
and not more important than the internal work of you and the OpenMoko team...

1) General information about the Neo FreeRunner graphics capabilities.  This
follows some comments I saw by raster and others in the IRC channel that there
were some limiting issues.     What is the comparison to Neo1973 gfx?   This may
relate to what target market you are going after for FreeRunner.   

2) What is OpenMoko's plan to release FreeRunner
i) release when hardware and kernel are solid and before application software is
polished.   Community helps to polish software prior to full launch to "basic
end users"
ii) release when both hardware and software are polished.  Will take a little
longer but will impress journalists more...

3) What does Sean think of the numbers here! :-)


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