GTA02 Battery Capacity was 1200 mAh

Neng-Yu Tu (Tony Tu) tony at
Fri Feb 15 05:03:17 CET 2008

> Yes, I think we can confirm that every GTA02 will ship with this new 
> 'smart' battery.
> There are more steps to go through internally, related to certification, 
> some sort of calibration. Tony, do you know more details?
> The cell's capacity will increase slightly to 1250 mAh (before was 1200 
> mAh).
> I am trying to release the schematics for the small PCB inside the smart 
> battery as well, will be posted to the wiki.

Another update, the battery cell was marked 1200 mAh, the SANYO cell 
says it was 1200 mAh. I double check with battery vendor, they said that 
battery could charge to 1250mAh by experiment. The 1250 number I 
provided was a mistake, sorry.

Basic on Sanyo approval sheet, I think using 1200mAh is more accurate 
for our coulomb battery.

Tony Tu

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