topic for next community update [was Community Update Wed Feb 13 2008]

Jay Vaughan jayv at
Fri Feb 15 09:35:49 CET 2008

> For apps, personally (ie, this is just my opinion) I think its fine if
> we target providing solid very minmal apps initially, again we can  
> point
> at the memory on the device (it is stacked with memory), the  
> standard X
> and libs provided, and its upgradability with package granularity to
> convincingly (well it convinces me :-)) say more apps are coming.

It convinces me too, and I'm participating in OpenMoko solely for the  
reason that I want to push out some end-user apps, developed new and  
fresh, for the platform.  When it becomes more widely available, that  
is, I will be quite happy targetting it as a major platform for my  
music apps .. as it stands right now, its very rewarding to be doing  
daily builds that can run on both EEE PC and OpenMoko with very  
little fuss, and it sure is going to be interesting keeping this  
party going for the next few months ..

Jay Vaughan

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