Request for assistance: Need a wiki page for buying and selling GTA01

Bobby Martin bobbymartin2 at
Sat Feb 16 02:21:51 CET 2008

I run a website ( that lets people post & search for things to
sell.  The branding is not exactly attractive for a technical audience, but
it does let you specify your zipcode so people can find items for sale near
one another.

It is, of course, all free to use.

So sellers could create an account on (I don't collect any
personally identifying information, except your email address, which I need
to forward purchase requests) and list their neo.  I recommend putting the
word neo1973 in the item title.

Buyers can search for neo1973 and their zipcode to find sellers near them.

The site is targeted at US sellers, but other sellers could enter a zipcode
of 66666 to sign up.

I know it's a kludge for non-US sellers, but it would at least let US
sellers find each other, and it's certainly easier to use than a wiki page
whether the seller is in the US or not.

If someone wanted to put together the CSS and images, I could create a site
running on code that looks more neo-ish.

Bobby aka wurp2

Subject: Request for assistance: Need a wiki page for buying and selling
> GTA01
> Hi Community,
> I need your help.
> Having completely sold out of GTA01, we are still getting a large number
> of requests for them.
> On the other hand, many of you intend to purchase a GTA02 and perhaps
> feel you have no use for your GTA01.
> Some of you might have other reasons to sell your GTA01.
> I'd like a wiki page to allow these buyers and sellers to find each other.
> We have a wiki page for GTA01 owners who lived in 850 MHz-only areas to
> sell their units; perhaps this page can be repurposed for this broader
> issue.
> Perhaps we call this the OpenMoko flea market.
> Anyone?
> Michael
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