Can't power on my neo1973

Christopher Earl earlc8451 at
Sat Feb 16 05:40:28 CET 2008

      There is a good possibility that your neo is in deep discharge. Plug it into the USB port and let it charge a couple hours, then try and boot it, dont press the power before at least an hour, if you have pressed the power button, remove the battery for 5 seconds and replace it, charge at least an hour before booting up. If this is not the problem I do not know. 

>>> "ian chu" <ian.littlepig at> 02/15/08 11:10 PM >>>

I have the problem that sometimes I can not power on my neo1973.
I use the usb to charge it, but it seems  no response that I could not
make sure the charging works.
Even after usb-charging  about 20 mins, sometimes I still can not power on it.

Is it broken? what problem does my openmoko have?



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