Request for assistance: Need a wiki page for buying and selling GTA01

Bobby Martin bobbymartin2 at
Sat Feb 16 15:05:25 CET 2008

Hi Tim,
I wrote before I really discovered python. is a
standard Java Tomcat/Spring/Hibernate application.

After I discovered Python, I wrote which is all python
TurboGears.  I do plan eventually to port to python, which will
let me do a bunch of neat Ajax stuff pretty trivially(as I did on MM).

I ask that you send me a personal email if you want to talk about this
more.  I suspect the main list is not very interested.  I, of course, would
be glad to talk at length ;-)


Hi Bobby,
> This is a little OT but I'm a python web developer and noticed the site
> runs some python stuff so was wondering what language it is written in?
> Thanks in advance,
> Tim
> On Fri, 2008-02-15 at 19:21 -0600, Bobby Martin wrote:
> > I run a website ( that lets people post & search for things
> <snip>
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