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> Howdy,
> I do have a couple of comments.  I agree with the other comments that the
> casual user doesn't hate the command line, they simply don't know it exists
> and also they are expecting the phone to be intuitive enough to understand
> without reading the manual.  Digressing from that - I don't think they would
> be a "Wiki" user.  In addition I think two software dev roles are more or
> less a dupe of each other.  Yes there are going to be intro level software
> developers and more experienced software developers - but you it seems to me
> that you are differentiating based on skill.  Who's to say a newbie isn't
> interested in kernel

.... I really wish my damn email client wouldn't send emails when I'm not
done.  Sorry for the second email.

Anyways, who  is to say that a newbie isn't interested in kernel hacking?
Maybe thats what they want to get into.

Also.  I think mixing these "wiki personas" with the other personas is a bit
confusing - but thats just me.  The personas image was based on the (now
languishing) work of the Usability Team ( ) specifically the User
Categories (
 That User Categories is where the text for alot of the personas image
came from.

Just as an FYI.

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