Wiki - organising by end user type - Wiki Personas

JW jameswillmer at
Sun Feb 17 01:46:30 CET 2008

Jon <openmoko at ...> writes:

> Howdy,I do have a couple of comments

<snip lots of fair comments>

Thanks for your inputs - I was unaware of the prev
Usability team page and am minded to remove the 4 "Wiki Personas"
that i added the other day.

Thanks for your thought that the wiki will never be a point
of reference for some user types.... this was something I had not

I had imagined the current wiki becoming the techies wiki 
with new content and main pages being developed for other _phone user_ types.

At the mo we have

a) 6 _wiki user_ types (3 of which are developer types) on the main page
b) the 4 _phone_ user types that i wrote (Wiki Personas)
c) the 6 _phone_ user types that the Usability team wrote
d) the categories developed by SpeedEvil and others.

Perhaps these issues are best dealt with by the new Wiki Editor 
that the OpenMoko team has just employed...  I still think
using [[categories]] will help once the wiki and phone user
types are defined.


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