tangoGPS, a new gps & mapping software for the Neo: Installation fails, needs libgps16.

Christopher Earl earlc8451 at clarkstate.edu
Sun Feb 17 22:08:11 CET 2008

apt-get install gpsd

>>> Audrius Meskauskas <audriusa at bluewin.ch> 02/17/08 6:09 AM >>>
>killall ld-linux.so.2

The installation fails with the message:

ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for tangoGPS:
         libgps16 (>= 2.34)

Any ideas where this library is and how to get it? I have the gllin 
installed and working (we work on a GPS Sight), and I tried to put the 
shell scripts that were given in the first message of this thread.

Audrius Meskauskas

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