Act as HIDD and more

Shawn Rutledge shawn.t.rutledge at
Mon Feb 18 18:54:17 CET 2008

On Feb 18, 2008 10:31 AM, Christopher Earl <earlc8451 at> wrote:
> I want my Neo to act as HIDD, I *think* the command is  hidd --server  but i get an error: Address in use, any ideas.

I haven't tried it on the phone yet, but last night I bought the Apple
BT keyboard and got it working for my MythTV box.

hcitool scan

to "discover" the keyboard and get its BT address; then

hidd --connect BTADDR

at which point pairing begins.  You make up a PIN, type it on the
keyboard (e.g. 0000 <enter>) then you should see the BT PIN prompt pop
up on your computer (or phone) and you type the same PIN there.  It's
a little clumsy, I wish BlueZ would auto-pair in the case that the PIN
is 0000.  At least it's only necessary once.  But if I want to use the
same keyboard with multiple devices then I suppose it will have to be
re-done each time.  Also you should configure in
/etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf to require a role-switch, so that the
keyboard is always the slave (change "accept" to "master").

> Also I have been testing Playstation 3 hardware, I bought the $10 Recharging dock for the controllers, works with GTA01 Charges well(its just a mini-USB dock) but hides the power button.

You are using that to charge the phone?  Sounds useful.

Like this?

I'd like to find a "smart" charger for the car eventually.  (I seldom
take the Neo out of the house anyway, but that day is coming when the
power management stuff gets better.)

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