PS3 Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Moko

Christopher Earl earlc8451 at
Tue Feb 19 01:17:18 CET 2008

            I added to the list on the bluetooth Wiki,I really dig this KB because the maouse pad works, The only thing is Either ALT+CTL+F1-F9 does not call the kernel to spawn a new terminal or the F keys have no effect in OM. This would be usefull because I cant figure out how to kill the "new" Alpha-num keyboard thing, and the CTL+ALT+Backspace does kill the Xserver but all the processes are piped there and is really annoying . Any help would be great, just being able to remove the KB app would be great(Not matchbox-keybaord). More to come, I *Think* i can use the Neo w/ a ps3 , but ill find out.

>>> Michael Shiloh <michael at> 02/18/08 6:55 PM >>>
Hi Christopher,

This is valuable information. I'm pretty sure a wiki page exists for 
identifying hardware that is compatible with OpenMoko. Can you find that 
page and add this item?

This is particularly interesting to me because I need such a keyboard.


Christopher Earl wrote:
> I bought a PS3 wireless keyboard, this BTKB has a mouse pad and buttons, its a full qwerty keyboard. This Works Great with the GTA01, the mouse pad even works, only issue is that it has a timeout that causes moko to disconnect , which i will fix with a script. just thought I would let everyone know
>                            --KrisAbsinthe on irc
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